Four Myth Muscle Building Programs

If you are determined to start using a muscle building program be very careful who you take advice from. There are many websites mushrooming daily in the market about dihydrocodeine fitness and body building. Many of these sellers have literally no clue of what they are selling but are merely making lots of bucks by shoving unnecessary expensive pills and powders on people.

If you are not careful you could fall into a trap that could truly destroy your good intention of getting an attractive muscular body you aspire. Four common muscle building myths are going to be exposed in this article to allow you to gain the real knowledge on muscle building that will guide you sincerely.

Myth No One: You must achieve a ‘pump’ when you workout in order to build muscle. The bigger the pump reached the more muscle you get to build.

For starters in this game, a ‘pump’ means a feeling presenting itself while the blood gets trapped inside the muscle tissue during weights training. The muscle swells up leaving your body with more powerful, bigger and stronger feeling. The truth is that a pump feeling is wonderful, however, has no significant role, if any, to the actual stimulation of your muscle growth.

A pump results in more blood flow to the muscle tissue but it is certainly not a sign of a good workout. One can only measure a good workout by comparing progress made in successive weeks if more weights were lifted and reps performed increased in comparison to the past week.

The second myth: You will become slower and less flexible due to muscle building.

In the olden days body builders were regarded as ‘muscle bound’ and ‘bulky’. The opposite of what can be thought is, building a huge amount of lean muscle will definitely increase your speed than slowing you down. The body movements made such as running, throwing and jumping depends fully on the muscles.

Ultimately, the stronger the muscles are, the more able they are to exert more force. To have more strong leg muscles gains one increased food speed, the same happens with strong and muscular shoulders, the ability to throw at a farther distance is enhanced. Strong muscles perform better and not the other way round.

Number Third Myth: The use of a perfect textbook form is highly recommended for all exercises.

A good gym form is always important, however, to obsess on only a perfect gym format has its own disadvantages. To stick to a strict flawless textbook form increases chances of you getting injured while your total muscle stimulation you could gain decreases. Note that people are not automatic machines. Movements that happen naturally when one exercises, are very important.

What this could mean is a feeling of a slight sway in your back when doing bicep curls, or using a bit of body momentum during the barbell rows performance. You have to relax your body a bit to allow it to move the natural way. You want exercises that will work for you and not against you, so stop obsessing over rigid formats!

Myth Four: Feel the burn to ensure your muscle growth!

This is one of those misunderstandings in the gym. The ‘burning’ feeling experienced during the intense weight training is the waste substance put inside the muscle tissues as you exercise.

The increasing levels of the metabolic waste substance has no impact whatsoever on the growth of the muscle, instead it could hamper your muscles growth than to increase it. You can reduce the production of lactic acid by training in a lower rep range of 5-7, than in the traditional range of 10 and above.