How much can I save on Solar Panels?

Calculate your electricity bills for 25 years and allow for a minimum of 7% increase every year. Depending on the size of your solar system, you can even earn a surplus if you generate more solar electricity than you require by selling it back to the grid. Every time you leave for vacation your home will keep earning for you by selling the solar electricity generated to the grid.

Installing a solar system is expensive compared to just plugging into the grid, but it is offset by the savings from your electricity bills. Solar Panels Perth Energy Users Association of Australia’s executive director Roman Domanski believes that it’s only a matter of time before SA will have the world’s most expensive power prices (as reported on FGE Solar has a range of options suited to your need and budget.

South Australia has reached Grid Parity; Grid parity is when solar electricity costs the same as electricity purchased from a utility company. South Australia enjoys respectable amounts of sunshine; up to 9 hours during summer, this is ideal for utilising solar. The greater the volume of sunshine that falls on the panels, the higher the amount of electricity produced.

Summer is when we use our air-conditioning, followed by astronomical electricity bills. Installing solar not only saves you thousands of dollars in electricity bills, it gives you the privilege of keeping cool during summer and warm during winter without having to fork out outrageous amounts to the utility companies.

At FGE solar we believe that a comfortable lifestyle should be a basic standard enjoyed by all and not a luxury afforded the rich. Installing a solar PV system saves you money in the same way buying a home is a wiser investment than renting. Just like putting your rent money into mortgage payments makes more sense, so is investing your electricity bill amounts into your solar system. If you don’t have Solar you will have to pay expensive electricity bills for the rest of your life, whereas Solar pays for itself in a few years.

A solar system increases the resale value of your home.
Cuts down your electricity bills.
You have the option of selling excess energy back to the grid. If you go on a holiday your home continues generating money while you’re away!
You don’t have to worry about turning on the heater or air conditioning. Peace of mind, that’s priceless.
You’re doing your bit for the environment, investing in a cleaner future for the next generation.
Stop handing over you hard earned money to utility companies. Partner with FGE Solar and make your money work for you!

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The government,as an incentive to encourage installing solar, offers Solar Credits and tradeable certificates or STCs, a mechanism within the RET scheme that provides additional support. Please visit our Solar Credits and Rebates page for more details.